Dedicated to the re-homing of Stray, abandoned and unwanted dogs

Hereford and Worcester Animal Rescue was formed back in 2001 to meet the needs of stray and abandoned dogs in the area. Due to a lack of social awareness, many dogs faced being put to sleep when they had completed their mandatory seven days in stray kennels. Since day one we have worked alongside Herefordshire Council, taking in the dogs picked up the by wardens, caring for them, covering veterinary needs, rehabilitating and successfully rehoming them.

In 2004 we achieved full charitable status (Charity No. 1104481).

Today, in 2015, sadly, there has been little change in the stray/abandoned dog situation.  In Herefordshire alone we see around 350 dogs come to us via the stray kennels.  It’s a similar picture throughout the country and approximately 10,000 unwanted dogs are put to sleep each year.  The Herefordshire strays are the ‘lucky’ ones, we take them all irrespective of age, health etc.  We very rarely lose a dog, the only exceptions being is when a dog is too ill or on the rare occasion too aggressive to be safely rehomed.

We have our own kennels in rural North Herefordshire, we also have a network of foster homes that care for the dogs whilst waiting for their forever homes.

We are a small self funding charity, relying on the goodwill of the public to enable us to continue our work.  We hold regular fund raising events and have  charity shops in Leominster and Madley.