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Dogs that need homes

Here are just some of our dogs who are desperate for loving permanent homes...
Dogs featured on our pages are predominately stray and abandonded dogs, let go by their owners for whatever reason. Young, old, weak, strong, we see them all. They have one thing in common, they all deserve a second chance of a happy home, a warm bed, enough food and responsible owners who will cherish them for the rest of their lives. 

All our dogs are vet checked before going to their new homes and are microchipped.

Veterinary care can be very expensive, we strongly recommend that you take out an insurance policy to cover your new pet. We have a firm rule that all dogs re-homed by us are neutered.  

If you are interested in re-homing a dog please contact us at for details of available dogs.

For details of dogs arriving, and more information on the dogs, please click 'Forum', on the menu on the left hand side.  Some dogs may be marked as 'Reserved', but this doesn't automatically mean they will be placed, so always best to show interest on the forum.  

We require a home check/vets reference prior to rehoming the dog and an adoption fee is requested.




Ruby has come to us from a breeder and is now looking for her forever home.

Despite being used to living her life in kennels, Ruby has settled very well into her foster home and is enjoying her home comforts with Lynda and family. She is currently living with other dogs but would be more than happy to be an 'only' pampered pet. Ex breeding dogs aren't always the easiest but Ruby has taken to home life like a duck to water, she is picking up well on house training but you will need to be prepared for the odd accident whilst she adjusts.

She will make someone a wonderful companion, a quieter home would be preferred and we would not be able to consider a home with small children.

If you would like to meet Ruby please call the kennels on 01568 760033 or e mail us at putting 'RUBY' in the title.

Breed: Cavalier Spaniel Age: 4 years Sex: Female


Teddy is a little Shih Tzu x who belonged to an elderly owner. Sadly the gentleman is now very poorly and no longer able to take care of Teddy.

He is finding life quite stressful in kennels and needs to be settled into a new home as quickly as possible. He is not used to being around children and finds them quite scary, so we are looking for a home with an adult family for him. From what we gather Teddy has led quite a sheltered first year of his life so will need time to get used to being a puppy and enjoying life to the full.

If you would like to meet Teddy please give the kennels a call on 01568 760033 or e mail us at, putting 'TEDDY' in the title.

Breed: Shih Tzu X Age: 12 months Sex: None Specified


Blade has recently come to HWAR having been looking for a new home. Having been re-homed to a family member things did not quite work out for Blade and he now finds himself in need of a new and loving forever home.

Understandably Blade is a little bewildered and upset by being in kennels and is finding life a little stressful. Blade is a lovely friendly boy and loves some fuss and attention. Blade likes to play and loves toys etc in the pen, true to his breed he loves a game of fetch and likes to carry toys back from the play pen to the kennels. Blade is quite overweight at the moment and needs some exercise and a few cut portions to get down to an ideal weight, as a result he is a little strong on the lead, he seems to be able to walk well but when he does have a pull there is a lot of him at the end of the lead!

From what we do know of Blade he is good with kids, good with all animals, not destructive, can be left, house trained and travels well in the car. He is a nice dog with a good manner and needs a home where he will be cherished and able to get some balance back.

If you are interested in Blade, please phone us between 11 - 3 on 01568 760033 or e-mail putting BLADE in the subject

Breed: Labrador Age: 6 years old Sex: Male

Poor Sophie has had a tough time of it before coming to HWAR, having not long given birth to pups she found herself out on her ear where things got scantly better before eventually coming to HWAR.

Despite this she is a sweet girl who loves people and plenty of fuss and attention, needless to say she has quickly become very well adored by all of us.

She is a very clean dog generally, is OK being left, doesn't chew and travels well in the car. Unfortunately Sophie doesn't get on with other animals so would need to be an only animal home. She loves her food but she is very good with it, though she can snatch for a treat and that is about as harmful as this softie gets!

Sophie is a nice girl who has had a rough few weeks but she has come out of it well and is looking for a new loving home.

If you are interested in Sophie, please contact us on 01568 760033 or e-mail us on putting SOPHIE in the subject.

Breed: English Bull Terrier Age: 4 years Sex: None Specified

Meet Rocky. He spent his Christmas in the stray kennels now with us to find a new home.

Rocky is chipped so we know that he is 6yrs old. He is a nice dog, lovely with people and loves cuddles.

He doesn't seem too keen on the other dogs in kennels but he is still settling in, we will update on his progress.

If you would like to come and meet Rocky please give the kennels a call on 01568 760033 or email us at putting 'Rocky Rottie' in the title.


Breed: Rottie Age: 6 years Sex: Male

Dennis is another dog who spent his Christmas in stray kennels. Dennis has also been chipped but there are no details of his current owner.

Dennis is a lovely boy, very friendly and quite happy around the other dogs in the kennels.

We will update with more information as we get to know him. If you would like to meet Dennis please call the kennels on 01568 760033 or email us at putting 'Dennis GSDx' in the title.


Breed: GSD x Age: 5 years Sex: Male

Copper, a male Staffie, approx 7 years old was re-homed at HWAR about 3 years ago now. Due to a change of circumstances Copper is being left alone for long periods and has much to his owners sadness, become unhappy. It would be in Copper's best interests for a home where he gets the attention he needs.

Please see below a write up about Copper from his current owners.

Copper is a very friendly and loving dog. He loves nothing more than to be by your side, whether it's sat on the sofa or a long walk through the fields. He's a quiet dog and only ever makes a noise if he wants you to know he needs something. Copper can get protective when he's on a lead and needs to be reminded that other dogs mean no harm. He loves humans of all ages and doesn't mind cats once they've put him in his place.

Copper needs a home where some one is around a lot of the time to give him attention and plenty of walkies. A garden and a big sofa where he can cuddle up with you is a must. Attention is at the top of coppers list of favourite things so he would like it if he was the only four legged friend in the house. Most of all copper just needs a best friend.

If you are interested in Copper please call us on 01568 760033 or e-mail us on putting COPPER in the subject.

Breed: Staffie Age: 7 years Sex: Male

Little Fabian has been in kennels for quite some time now. Fabian is certainly a terrier with attitude but he equally has lots of character. Fabian enjoyed for most of his life a happy home environment living with his old owner from a puppy. It was only due to a dire change of circumstances Fabian found himself in need of a new home at the age of 7 and having spent some time living in limbo he eventually found his way to HWAR.

He is a very anxious dog owing to his experiences after leaving his home so Fabian can be reserved of meeting new people initially, however, when he gets to know you he can be a very dear little dog, he just needs time and understanding. He has his group of friends at HWAR and he meets all of us with a waggy tail and enthusiasm. He loves spending time with his favourite people and enjoys his walks getting into everything going like a typical little terrier and he loves playing up the play pen and still enjoys toys/balls etc.

Fabian needs an experienced home, terrier experience preferable and he would have to be homed as an only dog and without children. He certainly has some challenges but he has had a tough time in his life and as his relationships with the staff and volunteers show he can be a lovely little dog he just needs someone prepared to give him a chance and get to know him.

If you are interested in Fabian, please contact us on 01568 760033 or e-mail on putting FABIAN in the subject.

Breed: JRT Age: 8 approx Sex: Male

Here's Bronx, happy waggy munchkin who joined us from the stray kennels. What a little cracker he is.

Bronx is microchipped and the Dog Warden duly tried to return him to the registered owner, however the person concerned denied any knowledge of Bronx and refused to take him in.

All we can say is probably a lucky escape for this little boy at least now he will have a chance to find a home where someone will love and cherish him and give him the secure future he needs.

Up in the playpen he loves to play which is a great way to channel his energy. He desperately wants to be loved and would blossom with the right combination of affection and firm handling.

If you would like to meet Bronx please give us a call on 01568 760033 or email us at putting "BRONX Staffie x" in your subject.

Breed: Staffie x Age: 12 months Sex: Male

Kane has been with HWAR for over a year now and having spent more than half of his life in kennels is still looking for a forever home. Kane originally came to us as part of a litter of Malamute x Belgian Malinios who were born in March 2013 and are all happily living in their forever homes, sadly however, Kane was returned to us at the beginning of 2014 for rehoming.

A very bright and affectionate dog, Kane has heaps of character and is a loving dog when you get to know him. He loves attention from his favourite people and there just are not enough hours in the day for Kane to play. He loves balls and toys, particularly the boomer ball which he will chase until his heart is content. Kane takes time to get to know and trust people and this initial period can be quite testing, but once you are in with Kane you are friends for life and he is a hugely rewarding dog to know as he gives back that trust in affection by the bucket load.

Kane did have a home lined up earlier in the year but it was only due to the prospective owners’ ill health that it unfortunately fell through for Kane. He has become very used to his kennel life and enjoys it but we really want to see Kane in a home of his own as he has his whole life ahead of him still.

Kane needs a very experienced home and we can't consider a home with children, not that he has ever hurt a child but we have no experience of him around children, same for cats and other small furries. Kane has been shown to get on with other dogs more so recently, but he needs further socialisation. He has his challenges but he is a beautiful dog underneath it all and has the potential to be a very rewarding companion.

If you are interested in Kane, please contact us on 01568 760033 or e-mail on putting KANE in the subject.

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Breed: Malamute x Malinois (Belgian Shepherd) Age: 22 months Sex: Male

Unbelievably young Charlie has spent most of his young life in rescue, he has now been with us since last October. He has been staying with our trainer Angela Shears and she has worked wonders with him. Here is what she says about him:

"Charlie is still waiting for his for ever home. He is such a happy dog. Charlie's needs are: love, food and fun. He settles well where ever you are, inside or out. Loves to play with toys on his own or with you. He can be shy when he first meets adults but soon settles. However children are another matter Charlie does not understand them and does not want to. It is a shame because they would play with him but I cannot get him to understand that. Is there anyone out there who has a place for the boy? One or two adults that he could love and be loved.

Charlie would make a lovely companion, please give him a chance, if you would like to meet him please e mail us at and we will put you in touch with Angela

Click here for his Forum page...
Click here for his Facebook page...

Breed: Lurcher Age: 12-18 months approx Sex: Male
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