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Dogs that need homes

Here are just some of our dogs who are desperate for loving permanent homes...
Dogs featured on our pages are predominately stray and abandonded dogs, let go by their owners for whatever reason. Young, old, weak, strong, we see them all. They have one thing in common, they all deserve a second chance of a happy home, a warm bed, enough food and responsible owners who will cherish them for the rest of their lives. 

All our dogs are vet checked before going to their new homes and are microchipped.

Veterinary care can be very expensive, we strongly recommend that you take out an insurance policy to cover your new pet. We have a firm rule that all dogs re-homed by us are neutered.  

If you are interested in re-homing a dog please contact us at for details of available dogs.

For details of dogs arriving, and more information on the dogs, please click 'Forum', on the menu on the left hand side.  Some dogs may be marked as 'Reserved', but this doesn't automatically mean they will be placed, so always best to show interest on the forum.  

We require a home check/vets reference prior to rehoming the dog and an adoption fee is requested.




Tippy was one of a litter of pups who came to us a few months ago, sadly her home didn't work out so she is back with us for rehoming.

She is a typical active, inquisitive puppy, you could say a bit of a handful. Having said that she is doing very well in training with Angela Shears, with a confident experienced owner prepared to carry on with her training she will do very well.

If you would like to meet Tippy call us on 01568 760033 or email us at putting "TIPPY GSD X HUSKY" in your subject

Breed: GSD x HUSKY Age: 6 months Sex: Female

Meet little Cuba, possibly not long had pups.

She has been in the kennels for a week but no-one has come forward to claim her.

Not much info yet but she seems a dear little dog, if a little vocal!!!!

Does anyone recognise her?

If you are interested in homing Cuba please call us on 01568 760033 or email us at putting "CUBA Terrier" in your subject

Breed: Not Applicable Age: Age Sex: Female

Isn't she beautiful and so sad she had puppies just a few weeks back and then thrown out like discarded rubbish. Her owner is well aware of where she has been over the last week or so but couldn't be bothered to collect her.

Thank goodness that chapter in her life is over, she is now looking for a home that will love and cherish her for the rest of her life.

She has become a favourite at the kennels already, everyone loves her.

She can be a bit iffy with other dogs, hardly surprising , and can be remedied.

If you would like to meet Shilah please call us on 01568 760033 or email us at putting "SHILAH Malamute" in your subject

Breed: Malamute Age: Age Sex: N/A

Meet Daisy, rescued from a very unkind home last week.

She is only around 12 months old and hasn't had a great start to life. Despite her trials and tribulations she is a fun loving happy little soul who just needs a chance.

If you would like to meet Daisy please call the kennels on 01568 760033 or email us at putting "DAISY JRT x" in your subject.

Breed: JRT x Collie Age: 12 months Sex: Female

Waiting for info

If you can offer Fabian a home, please phone the kennels on 01568 760033 or email putting "FABIAN JRT" in your subject

Breed: JRT Age: Age Sex: Male

Jazzi was picked up by the dog warden last week, we know nothing about her background so age and breeding is purely educated guesswork.

She is a dear little soul, a little on the shy side to begin with but fine once she gets to know you.

She is a little 'worky' type dog, likes nothing better than snuffling through hay bales etc. Maybe she has come from a farm or could be just the terrier instinct coming out in her. She seems fine with the other dogs in the kennels, we don't know about cats or other small animals.

This tiny tot needs to be out of kennels, a foster home offer would be great so we can learn more about her. If you would like to meet Jazzi she is currently with us in kennels Please give us a call on 01568 760033 or email putting "JAZZIE" in your subject if you can help Jazzi.

Breed: Patterdale x Chi Age: 2 years approx Sex: Female

Frazer (now known as Scooby) was rehomed by us a few months ago, sadly he now finds himself back in kennels again looking for a forever home.

A very handsome dog with a lot of potential, he needs an experienced owner who will work with him to bring out his full potential.

Presently he isn't brilliant with other dogs, definitely some socialisation work but he is young and bright, in the right hands he will make a great companion.

If you can offer Scooby a home, please phone the kennels on 01568 760033 or email putting "SCOOBY Cross breed" in your subject

Breed: Cross Breed Age: 18 months Sex: Male

Here's Bronx, happy waggy munchkin who joined us from the stray kennels today What a little cracker he is.

Bronx is microchipped and the Dog Warden duly tried to return him to the registered owner, However the person concerned denied any knowledge of Bronx and refused to take him in.

All we can say is probably a lucky escape for this little boy at least now he will have a chance to find a home where someone will love and cherish him and give him the secure future he needs.

If you would like to meet Bronx please give us a call on 01568 760033 or email us at putting "BRONX Staffie x" in your subject.

Breed: Staffie x Age: 12 months Sex: Male

Info to follow soon

If you can offer Bella a home, please phone the kennels on 01568 760033 or email putting "BELLA Shar Pei" in your subject

Breed: Shar Pei Age: Age Sex: Female

It's hard to believe that Buddy is still with us for rehoming.

He has impeccable manners, he walks beautifully on lead, he is a gentle kindly dog who adores people.

His only fault, if indeed it is a fault, is that he has a very high prey drive, not unusual given his breeding, he will, given the opportunity, chase sheep and could not be homed with cats, rabbits etc.

Buddy would do well with the companionship of other dogs, he loves to play with them.

A home where there are no woolly ones within miles would be ideal for Buddy, he can scent them way off.

He is great around children and as said is excellent with other dogs.

Please consider Buddy, he just needs a chance. If you would like to meet him please call the kennels on 01568 760033 or email us at putting "BUDDY Lurcher" in your subject.

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Breed: Lurcher Age: 4 years Sex: Male

Meet Kane, he is one of a litter of Malamute x Belgian Malinios who were born in March 2013. They came to us for rehoming as young puppies Kane was sadly returned to us at the beginning of 2014 for rehoming.

He hasn't been the easiest of dogs, it takes time to gain his trust, once you are his friend, then he is a friend for life.Kane was reserved back in the summer, the gentleman who was to give him a home couldn't fully commit until this month, however he visited regularly and he and Kane got to know each other and became good friends. Unfortunately the gentlemans' ill health has meant that the home is no longer available to Kane, so here he is back to square one having spent most of his life in kennels.

He is happy, he enjoys his life, the kennel staff are his friends, he feels safe and secure with them, however at 19 months old he deserves so much more.

Surely there must be someone out there who will give him a chance, we can't consider a home with children, not that he has ever hurt a child but we have no experience of him around children, same for cats and other small furries.

His litter mates are happily living in homes, Kane deserves the same opportunity. If you would like to meet him please call the kennels on 01568 760033 (between 11.00 - 3.00)

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Breed: Malamute x Malinois (Belgian Shepherd) Age: 19 months Sex: Male

Unbelievably young Charlie has spent most of his young life in rescue, he has now been with us since last October. He has been staying with our trainer Angela Shears and she has worked wonders with him. Here is what she says about him:

"Charlie is still waiting for his for ever home. He is such a happy dog. Charlie's needs are: love, food and fun. He settles well where ever you are, inside or out. Loves to play with toys on his own or with you. He can be shy when he first meets adults but soon settles. However children are another matter Charlie does not understand them and does not want to. It is a shame because they would play with him but I cannot get him to understand that. Is there anyone out there who has a place for the boy? One or two adults that he could love and be loved.

Charlie would make a lovely companion, please give him a chance, if you would like to meet him please e mail us at and we will put you in touch with Angela

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Breed: Lurcher Age: 12-18 months approx Sex: Male
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