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Dogs that need homes

Here are just some of our dogs who are desperate for loving permanent homes...
Dogs featured on our pages are predominately stray and abandonded dogs, let go by their owners for whatever reason. Young, old, weak, strong, we see them all. They have one thing in common, they all deserve a second chance of a happy home, a warm bed, enough food and responsible owners who will cherish them for the rest of their lives. 

All our dogs are vet checked before going to their new homes and are microchipped.

Veterinary care can be very expensive, we strongly recommend that you take out an insurance policy to cover your new pet. We have a firm rule that all dogs re-homed by us are neutered.  

If you are interested in re-homing a dog please contact us at for details of available dogs.

For details of dogs arriving, and more information on the dogs, please click 'Forum', on the menu on the left hand side.  Some dogs may be marked as 'Reserved', but this doesn't automatically mean they will be placed, so always best to show interest on the forum.  

We require a home check/vets reference prior to rehoming the dog and an adoption fee is requested.




PENNY NEEDS A RETIREMENT HOME Penny is a lovely little dog, aged about 10yrs, who came in to us as a stray earlier this year. She is a lap dog who just wants to be the centre of your world. Ideally she would suit an older person with no other pets, the ideal retirement companion. She isnt that bothered about walkies and will happily potter about in the garden She is not too keen on other dogs, just loves her human friends. If you can offer Penny a home, please phone the kennels on 01568 760033 or email putting "PENNY JRT" in our subject

Breed: JRT Age: 10 years Sex: Female

Rocco is 14mths old, and is needing a new home through no fault of his own.

He is good with other dogs and loves children. Neutered and fully vaccinated and ready to start a new life.

Please give us a call on 01568 760033 if you would like to meet Rocco. He is currently in foster care in Herefordshire.

Breed: JRT Age: 14 months Sex: Male

Ponyo is one mixed up little pup who hasn't had the best start in life. He has had 3 homes in his short lifetime, his last home for just over 3 weeks.

His current owners have really tried their best but they haven't got time to work Ponyo through his issues.

One of his main problems is separation anxiety. He is most unhappy when left alone - this can be overcome but will take time. It could be another dog in the family may help him overcome his fears.

Ponyo won't be for the faint-hearted, however in the right hands he could go on to be a great companion.

Ponyo is currently in Ross on Wye. If you would like to meet him please email us at and we will put you in touch with his current owners.

Breed: Beagle X Age: 6 months Sex: Male

LOLA reserved 12 October


Many of you will know Jenny and Liam, two of our charities trustees. Over the years they have nurtured and loved many of the waifs and strays that have come into our care. They have literally cared for hundreds of dogs,taking them into their home, nursing them back to health, seeing them on their way to new homes or giving them a permanent home with the rest of their little gang.

Tragically a few weeks ago Jenny suffered a major stroke and she and Liam have had to make the heartbreaking decision to rehome some of the dogs.

Lola and Scooby are two of the most well rounded wonderful dogs you could wish to meet, absolutely bomb proof with other dogs, fantastic with cats, love children, you couldnt wish for two nicer additions to a family.

Both are around 7 years old, Scooby (lurcher) was abandoned outside our kennels as a puppy, he was emaciated and had severe rickets. Lola was found as a stray around 5 years ago. Both dogs have enjoyed a fantastic life with the family since, happily sharing with the other 6 residents plus the numerous foster dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets that have passed through their home.

We are really hoping that Scooby and Lola can stay together, their world has been turned upside down, they are currently with us in kennels but really need to be in a loving home as soon as possible. Both dogs are in good health, both neutered and up to date with vaccinations.

If you would like to meet Lola and Scooby please call us on 01568 760033 or email us at putting "Lola and Scooby" in your subject

Breed: . Age: 7 years Sex: None Specified

It's hard to believe that Buddy is still with us for rehoming.

He has impeccable manners, he walks beautifully on lead, he is a gentle kindly dog who adores people.

His only fault, if indeed it is a fault, is that he has a very high prey drive, not unusual given his breeding, he will, given the opportunity, chase sheep and could not be homed with cats, rabbits etc.

Buddy would do well with the companionship of other dogs, he loves to play with them.

A home where there are no woolly ones within miles would be ideal for Buddy, he can scent them way off.

He is great around children and as said is excellent with other dogs.

Please consider Buddy, he just needs a chance. If you would like to meet him please call the kennels on 01568 760033 or email us at putting "BUDDY Lurcher" in your subject.

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Breed: Lurcher Age: 4 years Sex: Male

Kane is looking for a very experienced home.

He was originally with HWAR as one of a litter of pups rehomed last spring. Unfortunately, his family returned him just after New Year as they felt that he was too much for their other dog.

Kane is a large and absolutely stunning dog but still a baby at heart. Despite being neutered some months ago, adolescence is inevitable and he is going to need training and firm handling to ensure his respect.

Whether because of his breeding or experiences, Kane is fearful of unknown people and situations. He would generally prefer to run away but will react defensively if he feels cornered. When he respects someone, this behaviour can be prevented or managed appropriately – even by relatively small women!

Kane is now enjoying his walks but was initially terrified of traffic when he returned to HWAR. Now he just likes to look at large or noisy vehicles before they pass, particularly if they are approaching from behind.

Kane has spent a few weeks being assessed in the HWAR kennels, it is now felt that the next step is for him to find a forever home. With people he knows and likes, he is a big softie - very affectionate and quite a clown. He has gradually made friends with a small circle of people who he now considers his family and is content with his current lifestyle. He would be happy if put in a kennel (with a run) when left alone and then in the house when with company.

If you would like to meet him please give us a call on 01568 760033 or email us at putting "KANE Malamute x" in your subject and we will send you an application form.

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Breed: Malamute x Malinois (Belgian Shepherd) Age: 12 months Sex: Male

Unbelievably young Charlie has spent most of his young life in rescue, he has now been with us since last October. He has been staying with our trainer Angela Shears and she has worked wonders with him. Here is what she says about him:

"Charlie is still waiting for his for ever home. He is such a happy dog. Charlie's needs are: love, food and fun. He settles well where ever you are, inside or out. Loves to play with toys on his own or with you. He can be shy when he first meets adults but soon settles. However children are another matter Charlie does not understand them and does not want to. It is a shame because they would play with him but I cannot get him to understand that. Is there anyone out there who has a place for the boy? One or two adults that he could love and be loved.

Charlie would make a lovely companion, please give him a chance, if you would like to meet him please e mail us at and we will put you in touch with Angela

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Breed: Lurcher Age: 12-18 months approx Sex: Male
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